education is power

i accompanied my boss again to JIS again. this time to JIS pattimura. elementary school campus. i went to see mr. paul buckley. his accent was australian. he has beard. the other principal that i saw in JIS cilandak taragong was … gosh i trully forgot his name.

now this meeting was addressed to smoothen the way for embassy diplomat’s children’s enrollment in both JIS high school (or middle school) and elementary school. why? don’t they already have GANDHI memorial school? the fact is, it was a regulation that diplomat’s children must go to schools that are enlisted, acknowledged by the government of india. the only school, international school absolutely, that is in the panel is JIS. not australian, not british. the american-oriented JIS. this is so that when the children have to move and change school, the gov can help, and there won’t be too much trouble.

so paul asked my boss’ daughter’s name. Chinnayi, if im not mistaken, Rajaram. it was touching when he told a story about her. because he and his wife are both diplomats, first secretary even, they don’t have enough time for this girl.
then there was the climate issue. when he returned to india, the girl was always sick. the doctor identified that the problem was the climate change. in india the weather, at its peak, could reach 30 degrees or more,while in moscow (she was born there) at the lowest peak, could reach minus 20 degrees.

now about sri lanka. when he was in india, i know that he dealt with sri lanka. the fact is he went there so often, around one week a month. or every other month. paul mentioned about how this country loves cricket so much.
then about his next position. he mentioned that its gonna be geneva. isnt that awesome?

in the car on our way to office, he said that–when i asked whether the location was already decided for him–the only other option besides geneva was brussel. this is because the husband and wife should work in the same place (not like the policy in our foreign ministry, which only one of them can be a diplomat).


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