tiny lives beneath mother nature

this morning, i was damn energetic. it was probably because my friend’s sms woke me up, at about 6, exactly the time when i should wake up. why? because last night we vowed that we would go jogging. i think i had enough sleep and thus not sleepy. there was power cut, thus my cyber world was cut, so i slept (early). it’s been months since our vow of jogging, and finally we made the maiden move. i put on my tracking pants, yesterday’s t-shirt, sneakers and locked the room. going to the stadium but my friend didnt accompany me jogging there. she instead went for the campus ring road. i did only three laps, played bjork from my mobile, which really worked. while running, i saw some ‘threads’ along the track. perhaps i already thought they were earthworms. i tried not to step on them.

after jogging, having breakfast and reading in her room, and the rain stopped, i left the hostel to go back to my flat. it was drizzling, but i thought the rain wouldn’t be heavy at least for the next 20-30 minutes. i took the usual shortcut, the soil, rather than the asphalt road. such a bad bad decision…
with the color almost similar to the soil were these creatures. same creatures with the ones i saw earlier, only this time i could identify that they were alive, or maybe struggling to be alive. they were wiggling, stretching their boneless curvy slimy body. i tried to step on the clear space, but there were HUNDREDS of them!!! suddenly i felt sick. i kept walking while covering my mouth with my hand (i dont know what for exactly). i pitied them yet wondered why this was happening to me. maybe i decided to hate these creatures.


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