if you are really that sensitive, do you know what i feel, do you know what he feels, can you be objective, can you put your feet between us/ oh not us, there is no us, there is no such thing, how can you be so sure, how can you manifest such idea in the word/ there is a world of space between —, worlds of worlds of worlds keep — apart, there is no bridge, no dictionary/ only laughs, touches, kisses, aroma and blinks of eyes/ gentle, persistent, close(d) yet longing/ can you predict the future, can’t you see/ see that i am remove, release, reinvent myself ing ing ing process/ blind, confused, working on what i want to work on/ am i universalizing, am i–in perhaps sedgwick’s word–minoritizing him, an icon as well as the real of this strange human land/ we are on therapy

with thelonious monk
delhi, time at posted


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