my relation to my country is on trial

so what is nationalism?
i am imagining indonesia now. what really happened there? in mentawai, yogyakarta. the earthquake, the eruption. the tsunami. it surely has happened before. i was working in the media.
my friends asked me about my family. dejavu. yea, i think something also happened last year.
oh they are okay. we live in java, a different island. oh we live in jakarta.
should i read news? i am not supposed to be just informed by facebooks statuses. i sms-ed my mom. she is afraid. the other day i chat with my aunt (faebook-literate), she thinks the judgement day is near. that it’s on tv. i was speechless.

today at 4 o’clock i have to come to my embassy. for rehearsal of performance. i havent attended any since i went out of the city for 11 days.
ok, then, for thanking iccr, for giving us all opportunity to have a taste of india.

two days ago i didnt go there for the flag-hoisting ceremony for Youth Pledge. my excuse: i had a seminar, a farewell for one of our professors (which was quite true). yes, i know, i am a citizen. though i don’t know whether i am a good or a bad one.

tete « a la faveur de l’automne » (too early to play, eh?)


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