north-east (india) night

manoj (phd student from assam) came accross me when i was walking on the way to campus for the first of the 2-day seminar on « Australian Studies: Indian Perspectives ». i was late, he did not seem to be attending. rather, he asked whether i want to come to north-east night, especially for the dinner. the programs–the dance, fashion show, sing–were free, but for the food of course we have to pay. they charged us 80 rupee. obviously i was interested because last year i missed the dinner.
i came with prerona and shabnam my classmates. priyanka came later. i got separated from them because i wanted to get a better view, for taking photos. i finally got a coupon. there was a fuss about queueing for the food, but finally we managed to push ourselves to the stage and get it hehe. i didnt take the pork, but the fish was damn good. there were two kinds. i regret not taking pictures of the food.


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