i was reading a novel, beloved by toni morrison. yes, i was also cheating. i opened a guideweb. but then i was stunned by a very simple line. more or less it says, paul d cannot express his feeling, therefore he was alienated from himself. i felt, how true it is. it may be the thing that is happening to me.

today i saw a truck with the load of… hmm… they were green. and very neat. the shape like a pyramid. the texture like temple ornament. guess what? they were phul gobi, cauliflowers. i saw it the second time, after yesterday. it’s nice to sit alone in a car, nobody speaks to you. and you are free to look anywhere (i’m not driving). and the driver does not know what i observe as i’m wearing sunglasses. the traffic was bad, as always. it’s a big city. but at least it’s better than my home town. i saw a big metro station also. over my head. something that my home town is lacking.

louis pasteur. a surname that reminds me of another city. the city where i lived for five years. that name also came up recently, when i was dealing with pharmaceutical. it was merged with a large company. then i found a quotation in a blog. it says, « Chance favors the prepared mind ». this reminds me of a topic in our course, utopianism. especially when the teacher mentioned about possibility. utopia means a good land, or a no-land. land that never exists. but it must be created, because our world is not perfect. because there is desire. and there is hope.
in the course (so-called comparative literature), we, at least from the book i’m reading – by ruth levitas, talk about philosophy and literature. utopia seems to be unpractical, far from the real world. but pasteur’s quotation was used for the interest of marketing strategy, in the world of business, everybody’s world you may say. so where is the line between the practical and philosophical?


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