India’s (second) time of cricket

This is our India. One nation many people, but only one heart. The World Cup is ours. Chak De India!! Cheers to all Indians.

I got that message from +9190159358xx. I don’t know who the sender is. But I myself witnessed how the nation, at least a much smaller part of it–Delhi, or my campus JNU–celebrated India’s victory in cricket world cup 2011. In every hostel mess, students watched the match rigorously. They put tiin rangga, the three colors of the national flag, on their cheeks. My friend wore the blue costume of Dhoni, who then closed the matched beautifully by scoring 6 points. Sabarmati hostel had the projector installed outdoor. I watched the match, obviously not the whole match, though I could not understand the rule of the game. Perhaps I just wanted people to share their enthusiasm with me.

Yeah, India won for the second time. Last time was in 1983, and by coincidence, on the same date, April 2. As Indians do not care about other sports but cricket, this is really a historical moment.

And indeed, it is a big celebration. People went out to streets, perhaps drunk, shouting, marching, drumming. They lighted firecrackers and fireworks. It felt almost like Holi festival combined with Republic Day.

The sender of that sms seems to think that India is one, which is good, as we know there are so many internal conflicts in the country. It is united against Pakistan, for example. The match between the two neighboring countries was even more important than the final.

Yeah, this is something that perhaps I can tell my children or grandchildren, someday.


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