dream diary

let’s start
with what’s bugging me every morning
just before i wake up
it always know the time i set on my alarm
and it comes maybe just 15 minutes before that
and i have to wake up half an hour after it

met my school friend
staying here in delhi (how could he)
with my delhi friend
the room quite big
but full of stuffs
i think a lot of people often stay over

so what’s the connection?
what does he have to do with my chitty-chatty friend?
they are of different nature
different background
from different cities






because they’re both into IT world?
but he’s doing business
for sure, not school
not working in state-betraying oil company

oh, take me back to my city
my sin-shabby-shinned-shit-shattering-socalledsinkingshrinking-shrimp-shadowy city
then he stands up
and i woke up


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