dream diary

a diary of a night when i knew that i wasn’t going to sleep well. this was because the pankha was spinning so fast i knew i couldn’t do anything about it. it sounds like an intro to a nightmare?
but actually it was a night-til-morning when i got disturbed, first by someone entering the room. second, i woke up because my mom called. and i had to reject the call since i was very sleepy (instead of talking crap) and i thought my roommate has left, then i lowered the speed of the fan, so instead of waking up, i decided to sleep again. it was actually the usual time for me to wake up. but since i slept late and i thought give me some compensation for my whole-night light sleep,…
so this is the strory of the dream…or rather, stories.
i don’t remember much about the first session. a little that i can remember is that it was an open space. wired fence, plants. somehow there was a stage and i had to walk on it. like a scout. i can relate this thing to my real life. but i won’t tell you.
second… i found my room different. clean. spacious. my roommate is sick. she was standing in front of a mirror. but it’s not my real roomate. i couldn’t recognize the face. she looked feeble, sweating. i asked is she ok, i touched her her neck. i think she avoided me, but i could feel she had fever. i told her to drink a lot of water. i saw my room was reorganized. some of my things weren’t there. the strange thing is i knew i could find my other stuff downstair. so i had a basement?
wait. we’ll get to that point. in the mean time, as i couldn’t find my glass, i had to take hers. and i had to wash it. i went outside to the pantry. i saw some recognizable faces. three girls. i washed the glass. somehow i also washed i blender that was just lying there. a girl came in, pretended not to know me. she looks like someone I know, who is not that arrogant. she had birthmark on her face, like permanent shadow.
then i had to fetch water, went DOWNSTAIRS. and i found… everything. it was like a supermarket. a good one. some people were also there. an old couple standing, telling a story of abroad. i looked at the shelves, amazed by the size of the fruits [such an obvious repression!]. and i thought. wow! why dont i just open a franchise supermarket. all the goods are here already! i was pondering upon the location of my apartment (it’s not just a room now!), was it strategic enough. then even there’s a guy telling how much i have to pay, also in installments..
i just thought i could afford it.


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