therapy in the usual way

sooo.. today’s a holiday not only in indonesia but also some parts here. at least my center/department. i went because i needed to get clearance form for my certificate (yes, i have completed M.A.). but then i called the guy, he said they are on vacation. hmm. well at least i got mango shake from the usual place. then i got AC in the library. didn’t manage to read Dante’s Inferno or Czechoslovakian short stories. but took nap for about 15 minutes 😛

then of course my friend wanted to go out. somewhere, anywhere, at least to escape the furnace of delhi (44 celcius degrees). so we went to a mall, nearby. the first stop is big bazaar. a kind of Matahari or a little carrefour. we scanned d clothes section, furnitures, mobile, soaps.. and went down to the supermarket. quite a comfortable place, you can say. the good thing you can see a ot of imported stuffs (from thailand or indonesia!) and learn some names. such as the types of mango (alfonso, etc), also the vegetables (brinjal, bottlegourd…). i bought ‘oyong’. it’s a kind of gourd, but i forgot the hindi name. my roomie said its ‘jingga’. anyway, its just 26 rupees per kg, n i got less than half kg for 5 pieces. i got pudina (mint) powder, but didnt get gur (molasses, jaggery) for my rujak (fruit salad with peanut sauce). i bought canned salmon also (hmm… fish is quite rare n expensive here).

to the department stores (they have pantaloon, lifesytle, shopper’s stop), i just accompanied my friend in the men’s section. he tried on pants, t-shirts, shirts, suit, etc… really, this whole day it has been like living in jakarta. with family.

moving on to the next mall, right beside it, we were of course tired and needed to stretch our legs. we sat in the food court and bought something to eat. these days our meal-taking has been incredibly irregular. again, the heat doesn’t only make headache and hurt your eyes, but also kill your appetite. from the food court, we came to a bookstore, then fashion outlet… so i would call the day a therapy day, to discharge loneliness and stress. before coming back to misery.


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