such a suck day

always, always cant get good quality sleep whenever i have to get up early the next day. such as yesterday morning. i woke up on time, even before my alarm. my roommie can always wake me, not intentionally.. but even the sounds of small things she does.
then i finally got the call of the cab. worked. had coffee (i know.. i shouldn’t have). got trained. i asked for a hardcopy so that i can read more conveniently, especially to know the qualifier questions which will terminate the survey (mati kutu). but N.O. didn’t give me. i was alone. the two boys didn’t show up.
then i had to find the leads myself. tiring. got lost. dialled so many numbers, got transfered, got blank appointments. everybody told me to send email instead. internet resing. breakfast was some south indian vada n sambar and the pale chutney–of which the combination just stirred my stomach… 😦 but sandwich wasnt there yet.
i don’t understand BPO thing. in a website we got some links of BPO companies. but either the number is indian or singaporean or nil, or the companie had gone bankrupt. or they didn’t provide the service that the survey is concerned of.
so lucky i got a good car to go drop us. but those stupid guys took so long to show up. then one of them, who sat next to me, was acting as if he were the cutest guy on earth. the guy sitting in the front didn’t know how to put on the seatbelt. the geek next to me stupidly opened the window while the AC was running!! i didnt even care what excuse he gave. i had my earphoned… i don’t really like AC, or something. oh my god… cant u feel it’s 44 celcius degrees outside! you’ll get only hot wave! so ‘kampungan’! sorry to say… i just had a bad day. didn’t get any survey


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