when dryness gets to the extreme

i remember my friend said, around march–just after the chill of winter was fading, « I love the weather, coz my hair stays good. » So, as the weather was dry, the scalp didn’t turned humid. you don’t need to wash your hair so often. and you know washing hair is such a big deal for indian girls, because they have to oil the hail first and leave it for one to eight hours–during which you are confined to your room as you look very ugly.
so nowadays it’s been hot. super hot. temperature reached 44 degrees. can’t imagine what july would be like. but the heat is different from that of jakarta. it’s very dry here. whenever i walk pass any open ground, it smells like either grass or soil. or shit or trash of course. strangely some trees have the effect of falling the leaves, leaving only the flowers. like the yellow one in jnu main road, from t-point to ad block. if you walk along the road, feels like being in a wedding hall.
and dryness bring patched land. and the jungle of jnu turns to be … a desert.
last night after watching the premiere of pirrates of the carribean, we were sitting in the lawn in front of lohit hostel, chatting over a cup of chai. planning our next trip (to rajahstan, guys!!) when the winds started blowing from every way… clouds of dust was floating. we had to cover our face in order to keep breathing. it came several times. unfortunately i didnt hv any dupatta to cover my hair. it got so entangled and dusty i know not how to clean it. the wind blew us to a desert… maybe rajahstan, maybe africa


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