counting the days

So.. my time is almost over. It’s time to embrace the motherland again. What have I done? What have I got? And.. what not?

I guess I have been lucky that I didn’t suffer from any serious illness during my stay. I just got diarrhea, cough, some fever and skin problems. and hair fall. as a friend’s saying, god is on my side. i didn’t use the Ventolin inhaler for asthma, though i got the refill free from the campus’ health center. i didn’t even use a single drop of Rohto. (But I badly need Johnson’s baby powder).

packing.. packing.. what to bring and what to dispose of (or give to anyone)…

seems that I have been collecting gifts, or for personal possession ( 😛 ) for these two years. I got so many bracelets, for example. I brought from home so many books (14kg overweight) and now it can be doubled… One of my precious books (because of the cheap price and tough hunting) is Nietzsche’s Basic Writings I got from Kolkata… yummm. I have a hindi course book from Palika Bazaar, but I know I wont touch it again.

I found a broken Nokia handset (even the charger is not original) and wondering whether it’s worth repairing or even just changing the battery. I found the data cable of my lost CREATIVE mp3 player…

one of my two suitcases is already full ONLY with winter clothes… and I have even separated some for my friend, including socks and monkey cap and shawls. God knows where I can put the remaining stuffs, including clothes, rice cooker and printer…

I found a sri lankan keyring, chinese pin, UAE coin and nepal’s casino coin…

When packing, you need to think a lot. That’s why it takes such a long time. As I told someone special, it’s about choosing memories or valuable things worth keeping.

and I am yet to buy some more stuffs, especially for my mom. she loves papad. and I think pudina masala or aam powder would be awesome for her cooking.

I’m counting the numbered-boxed on the shiny happy desk calendar. So what have I not done in this wild country? Why am I just sitting here passively, sometimes staring at myself at the mirror (I just need to turn my head from where I sit)?

It’s like death is approaching. the end of life, at least life in this, again, wild country. I stopped buying things especially that are heavy. I stopped eating food especially that I can find easily in my homeland (?), and cheap. I estimate when my shampoo, or my toothpaste, or my hair oil (uh yeah, I’m almost Indian) will be depleted. I keep telling everybody when I’m leaving, like announcing my will (« come on, this is your last chance to have ME »).

But of course I also tell those back home that I’m coming. That I will join them, hang out with them etc etc. Building a discourse, rendering your existence. Also because I would need a job.
But I still can’t imagine how packed my city is now. I have asked my mom that I need a break…

well, see you later alligator


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