make yourself more useful

a job. what else will you get after spending (wasting?) two years of your life? you have to make use of your education, whatever you have got, you title, your papers. back to the real world.

in jakarta, the real world is a material world.

when i was still in india, someone really wanted me to stay back, and even offered me jobs. it’s not that the job was not interesting, nor was it as i have thought. it’s just, maybe, not the right one for me. at least for the time being. well, you can say it’s a simple job. just like the call-center job. all you need to have is yourself, your body, your tongue, your language. you don’t have to learn anything first. but this isn’t just about talking. this job has one added-value. traveling. yes, the golden triangle: delhi-jaipu-agra. i could have become a tourist guide. an indonesian tourist guide. and they can pay me good. or at least i will get huge commission from the shops. that was what my friend said. i won’t need a work visa. just enroll to some school, and stay. no need to actually study.


another offer was a bit more challenging. but the location is totally different. it’s a ‘call’ from the motherland, if it does exist and i get it. so, the story goes that i was chatting with a friend. well, not exactly a friend because, though we were colleague, we haven’t met in person. he even had already quit when i was working in that office. maybe he is just a professional friend, a client, to be exact. he gave me some translation job, i forgot how many times. then he talked about some national-scaled project. so reportedly the president wanted an area to have less army officers and grow more for development distribution. the man to lead this project is said to be a general who handled another ‘difficult area’. however, the mou hasn’t been signed yet. first i was confused, what would i do, what does that have to do with me, a fresh (post-)graduate in a manner of speaking. then he explained that i may be some kind of a media officer. or public relations officer. then it made sense. then i was interested. then i felt i could be more useful. plus, its for the nation. oh, i would be so proud.

but i realize that it’s still to far from reality.

yet. i wonder if the salaries are the same? how do they judge? how do they value you, your service? and most importantly, what will i do? definitely, since i’m already back to indonesia (tho i wasn’t born here), i need to get a job here only. or at least apply from here.

delirium. it’s just like graduating from college, don’t know what to do. how to choose.


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