alms for the environment

a girl caught me walking in front of her. i knew she was ‘selling’ something. and maybe because of pity i just stopped, thinking that i could avoid her later by not buying. but then she was from an international organization whose concern is the environment. of course i know that organization, i even came to its office (and bought yummy pure honey). then she explained about saving energy, clear water, earth quake, being semi-vegetarian and so on. yes, she expected me not to eat whale (of course yaaa). and eat less shrimp and some species of turtle. what ever.

the point was she wanted me to become a donor. now the organization can even debit your account from your credit card. they will just ask for your data… and you know what will come next.

but she even lured me by informing that if i ‘join the club’, i may be invited for, for example, the premiere of a movie. now this sounds very cosmopolitan.

i told her nicely, touched her shoulder slightly, that i am not interested. i didn’t told her that i was not yet ready to donate money for things that do not concern me directly. i remember that we should prioritize the people around us, or relatives, in case you want to help people. in terms of money, and since now is the holy month, i think i better give away money for zakat. alms.

what does the religion say about the environment?


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