number-of-character-constrained thoughts

why do we fight? we do we make up reasons to fight? or is there some supernatural/ divine interference over us, so it is the time to fight. it is time to test the truth, your truth.

why is there someone who is always there, hearing what you say, seeing what you do, whether you like it or not. a big mother is worse than a big brother..

please make me pleased. please please me.

it’s time to set things right.

why am i so old yet feel that i haven’t learned enough. finding life so boring, i feel like finding my grey hair to know that i grow, i exist in time dimension. i cant see growth in my nails now that i am staring.

why are we so bound to earth?

flying ants are so hateable. against nature, against expectation. yet so romantic, so free. like allergy.

love has nothing to do with genetics.

i am always sick.


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