le musée

that museum is empty.

it only collects one thing. you.

that museum is my heart


colored lions

i have some cats to keep me company

enough to make me feel needed, being alive

they depend on me

i feed them, put them to bed

they know their daily schedule

okay, sometimes they don’t

they play when they are bored

not when they couldn’t sleep — not like us

they learn where to pee and op

they have plenty of time

they know how to enjoy life


sometimes i’m worried

as if i imprison them

do they need to socialize

with neighbor’s cat?

but what i fear most is the neighbor’s dogs

such beasts

killing for pleasure

horrible horrible!

cats are the cutest creature on earth!

they are made for humans

so that we know what it feels to pet lions

they are miniaturized

and colored

more well behaved

most important thing –  they want to be loved


i have cats

enough to escape the need

to bear children

to litter

so as i don’t have to pretend

or to earn certain dignity


you can identify your love, your passion of cats

in my case, it happened around 15 years ago

when i was drinking a milk

and the starry-eyed ugly stray grey tomcat was staring at me

pitiable starry-eyed ugly stray grey tomcat

i couldn’t finish my milk

i poured the rest on the floor, for him

and the morning ritual began

with different cats

they make stories of my life


the cats

not only do they teach me about playing hard to get

they also teach me about hygiene

about walking like a model

act gracefully

even to play diplomacy

finally, about solitary when you grow up

they are genuine