we saved the revolution

@tea_tan fluttering. glittering.
 butterfly. bitter.
 can u find the balancing line? divide the two sides equally? do you really have to find symmetry? what if illusion tricks you?
 one more, death and immortality, black and white, shape and abstract, interconnecting memories… stranded dog?
 now i have an obligation. the circle must be. the line is to come to an end.
 conditioning the room, you can then see a different view, a different side of it. damn. fuckin genius.
 juxtaposing boys’ and girls’ toys. some mechanics, some music, some dance. and the elegance of a mirror. it spoke to me, as if completing me
 and the respective artists. gosh.
 well, what can you expect. there were artworks. interesting artworks, though only a few, considering the size size of the room..
 di ujung lorong, pintu kaca, dengan tulisan menempel padanya. tentu saja, itu tujuan saya
lorong hening. kau harus langsung tahu, harus belok kanan atau sebaliknya
ada alasannya, mungkin, saya harus ke lantai itu. dan keluarlah saya dari lift, sebelum lantai tujuan awal saya
dan setiba-tiba itu pula saya ingat orang yg br saja saya rasa kenal. ah.
tiba2 lift berhenti, dan pintunya terbuka. lantai 27.

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