manifest you

i cry
you’re not here
i cry so loud
that my eyes swell
i cry so loud
that i run out of tissue
i cry so bad
i’m sweating
i cry so depressively
that i lost my breath
i cry on top of my lungs
that i feel like laughing
i cry on thom yorke’s bedside
i feel naked
i cry deliberately
i like to know that i’m really crying
i keep crying
coz i like my salty tears
i cry in different manners
that the walls of my room are breaking down
i cry for all the bad things in the world
i’m going to say something
i concentrate on my crying
and i don’t need anything else
i cry so long
i miss you so much

i cry so creatively
i’d bribe god so that i can see you

i cry with all my soul
i see my whole life in front of me
i cry so loud
that i forgot why i cried
i cry to death
i’m still noone

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