It is as ugly as the antithesis of peacock

you used to call it limpy creepy

you may love it hate it

he doesn’t seem to bother

he closes his eyes two-third of of the day, on the sunny powdery beach

in the island of spices

he stands out against time

there’s no trace of evolution in his contour

he is willing to tell the story of three generations

his rows of teeth make chunks out of your limbs

cut out the meat, and your masculinity empowered

drink up the eggs raw, you’d feel being a ruler of a dynasty

but the earth is on the move

the solitary beastly lizard comes nearer to the huts

not even sneaking

mothers, daughters, innocent blood

are offerings for the myth

and when there’s no more fisherpeople

whose tale is to be told?

for vicky feaver workshop, guided by meena kandasamy

SL lab


abandoned boots

where have all the cats gone

the sun is not glaring

the rain is not pouring

there are plenty of foof in the trash bin, I think

or at least it’s the perfect time

for a nap on a rocking chair at that kind lady’s porch

where have all the cats gone

is it because of the numerous stray dogs

these plain-colored regular-tailed razor-fanged devil-faced dogs

one cat is left in the land of dogs

she can only curl in a very safe place

she can only say a few meows at a time

she has to chew the dogs’ jokes before she laughs

she just walks but is thinking that everyone is watching

piercing her back still

she licks her fur everyday and pay a large

attention at her odor

she is unreachable as clouds high in the sky

pigeons bursting out of her mouth the dogs are dumbfounded

sometimes she just wants to scream at the top of her lungs

just to see if anybody cares

she loves being petted but she is as wild as a carnaval

she loves being the object of surrealist painting

drawn as a maniac in Alice in Wonderland, or any other story

she must choose her own comfortable pair of boots

why i am so worried that people hate people who love

what is actually the so-called forbidden love? must love be both ways? triple way? and why should a person loves a person only? how can you stop a person from loving? why is love enacted as hate? why does it cause so much pain? why do people think that they know exactly what love is? what does love have anything to do with desire? the bodily functions? what do people get from loving? why must a person love at all?