diwali celebration: adventures and risking your life

after spending the day only in the room, studying, going online, downloading movies like the previous day, we finally went out. devika and pranjal came with us. the first (little) adventure is when we were in the auto. shabnam sat on mine and prerona’s laps. pranjal sat besides the driver, but then on the way he moved to back seat and devika sat on his lap.

our plan was to go to Purana Qila. i have been there once. i knew some light, sound and fountain show takes place there. we also browsed the internet, but the phone number of the place was unreachable. after we got lost on the way but finally managed to reach the place… unfortunately the place was closed. damn. he guard didnt even allow prerona to take pictures from the gate. but for sure they will see the movie aaj kal, as purana qila was the setting 😛

then where to go? we decided to go to india gate as some of us haven’t been there (though been in delhi for quite some time). it was my third time. this time it wasn’t so crowded. so few people, in fact. bought chana and kuchka (pani puri, or golgappe). bought devil horns and glowing hairy balls (with a face…).

then we found a boy, means he was lost. he didn’t cry. almost without expression. he was cute. we played with him before we realized that the boy is not accompanied by anyone. pranjal indeed looked like a father. but then the family claimed him. what a family!

from there we couldn’t find an auto. so we walked hoping to reach central secretariat metro station. it was a long walk. we crossed the line that divide india gate in the middle, and delhi between north and south. we saw attraction of bikes. some pageul larka. speeding then stopped the break suddently till the back side tilted. one even stood on his bike for a few seconds. okay.. maybe they just wanted to entertain us.

then it seems like c.sect was still no where within our view. while walking we enjoyed the fireworks. then they became larger as we are approaching the source. some people lighted them. but then we could hear the sounds became louder. the sparks almost reached us. and we smelled the smoke also… something that is beautiful from far could be dangerous from a close distance.

we went back by auto since, after we reached c.sect, the metro didnt work. we shared the auto with a man going to vasant vihar. in the campus, we didn’t see anything on jhelum ground. so we let the autodriver took us to the t-point, where we had to walk home.