so pigeons keep coming to this narrow chimney-like space. i hate opening the windows as i am afraid of the coming of toilet smell. and i am scared of the view, the dust, the rust, the most, faded disturbing pink paint color. but they come. flapping their wings, i see them, and they see me. sometimes a feather comes into my room, falls on my purple-black stripe carpet, left a promise of love, freedom and gentleness…


3 commentaires sur « About »

    1. Noche negra? it even sounds beautiful…
      Thanks a lot, German. That’s the most-clicked page in my blog. I’m also trying to dig it more. Your translation really make my day!

  1. I forgot this: I thing you should write a book or something.. the way you put your ideas together is so cool… haven’t you noticed it? You got a gift! take care! (German, from South America)

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